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Graft #8 – Round Around

Graft 8 - Round Around video 1'22'' (2015)

During the residency of Apulia Land Art Festival in the area of ostuni's vegetable gardens, Michela de Mattei conceived a double intervention: according to her specific interest for the structure of elements, the artist dwelt on the inner shape of the tree trunks and their progressive circular growth, ring after ring . The first work is a video showing the hypnotic movement of a hula hoop around the stem of an almond tree; While the second installation is a graft of a wooden ring into the trunk of a fig tree, which stands along the path of the gardens. in either case, de Mattei suggests a correspondence between the circular motion of the hoop and the only movement allowed to a plant: the loop; imagining in the video an incessant movement of the hula hoop around the tree, artifice that finds its crystallization in the graft intervention. (Saverio Verini)