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Graft #6- Orientation

Graft 6, video 2'04'' (2013)


Graft# 6 - Orientation is a product of a historical study of the Santa Rita hall: the former church that was founded in 1653 in the vicinity of Aracoeli in Rome, was removed in 1928 by Mussolini to be then rebuilt in 1937-40 in the position where it stands today. During the reconstruction, some references from the original were lost, including the spatial orientation. Michela de Mattei traces the profile of the interior of the hall, studying its supporting elements and reconstructs them by rotating the perimeter, not in order to restore its initial design, but to investigate the relationship that binds man to space. The artist reinterprets the architecture through a subtle interplay of materials such as iron and marble that emerge as graphic signs allowing the viewer to trace, with transparency, another reference.The exhibition consists of an environmental sculpture and a video in which the architectural profiles of the hall become tools for understanding the landscape, incorporating it and at the same time outlining its boundaries. (Daniela Cotimbo)